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Low Back Pain: Do Not Leave Your Care and Recovery to Chance


The American College of Physicians recently published an updated Clinical Practice Guideline for the non-invasive treatment of LOW BACK PAIN that received much attention in the media.  The study’s findings, which in summary concluded that most patients with acute or subacute low back pain improve over time regardless of treatment, was focused on the misuse and abuse of opioid medicines which has become a national crisis.

On this we agree! However, the study did not present the evidence based research that supports treatment of acute or chronic low back pain or the consequences of doing nothing! The study mentioned the benefits of individual treatments such as massage or yoga, but does not define what types of massage or yoga are effective or even the appropriate type of training someone should have in treating someone with low back pain.   

The degree of pain and disability associated with an episode of low back pain can result in fear of moving, along with decreased mobility and function.    Many patients who are experiencing an episode of low back pain are concerned about their condition, experience some level of disability, and ultimately seek medical attention.  It is imperative that patients receive care that includes:  a thorough examination, proper diagnosis, appropriate intervention, and education for the prevention of recurrence by professionals with demonstrated competencies and licensing to provide medical treatments.

Physical Therapists are highly trained and uniquely qualified to deliver all of the above mentioned elements of care for patients experiencing low back pain.  They provide a comprehensive evaluation that takes current and past medical history into consideration, initiate immediate, individualized and multi-faceted treatment without the use of drugs or surgery, guide you through your recovery through the safe progression of activity, and provide valuable education for the prevention of recurrence.   

When it comes to low back pain, DO NOT leave your care and recovery to chance, and do not go it alone.  The care of a Physical Therapist can help you recover and return to your desired level of function. At Choice Physical Therapy you will be treated by a therapist with advanced training in MANUAL SKILLS. You will see the same therapist each visit and you will only be treated by LICENSED PHYSICAL THERAPISTS, not assistants or other care extenders.

Where and who you go to for evaluation and treatment is critical to your recovery! If you have low back pain, consider Choice Physical Therapy for an evaluation and guidance on how you can feel better and live life to it's fullest!

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